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Sketching in Brighton

My husband and I recently took a train to Brighton. We love our home in Cambridge, but after a couple rainy months we were missing the sun.

Brighton is bigger than I thought. And newer. It's a popular destination for music festivals and weekend getaways– like the San Francisco of the UK.

I did some sketching on the beach after a long hiatus from observational drawing. I felt pretty rusty, so the majority of my drawings had a panicked "what are you doing" feeling behind them. And it didn't help that I was filming the whole process!

That's right! Another YouTube video– this time about sketching for illustrators. I take you through my process and share my top tips to help you in your observational work. Give the video a watch if you're interested! I'll be making more process-based YouTube videos in the future, so I'd love to hear any feedback you have.

Thanks for reading :)

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